Best One Bag Travel Ultralight Gear & Packing List

Best One Bag Travel Ultralight Gear & Packing List

BY , SEPTEMBER 30, 2023
  • A quick airport exit as you breeze past fellow passengers staking out positions around the baggage carousel. A sigh of gratitude from your body that you don’t need to lug a massive suitcase during your travels. A happy flap from your wallet that you saved some moolah on baggage fees. The benefits of one bag travel are undeniably appealing – but the prospect of doing it is likely daunting for the uninitiated. What bag do you use? What do you pack? What do you leave behind? What if unexpected situations crop up that you haven’t planned for?

One bag travel packing lists need to be tailored to each trip, but seeing someone else’s list can be a great source of inspiration for your own bag contents. As a filmmaker and the owner of Aviator Camera Gear, our new contributor Zeke Kamm is no stranger to travel. However, for a nine-day trip to England with his family he decided for the first time to embrace the one bag travel challenge. Turns out, it was a pretty liberating experience. Journey into the world of one-bagging and unpack his carry contents in this helpful video…

If you have the time you can watch the whole 30min video in one sitting, or watch it in chunks via the links below:

One Bag Basics

The Bag



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