NanoSphere® - Keeping you dry and clean

Why does Thunderbolt partner with Schoeller Textiles in Switzerland to procure the fabric for our softshell apparel?  We believe they produce the best fabrics in the world for this application and a key feature is the NanoSphere® Durable Water Repellent (DWR) they apply to our fabric.  It is an extra step that makes all the difference.

NanoSphere® is the nanotech-based finishing technology that allows dirt and water to simply run off the surface of the textiles. This mimics the natural self-cleaning effect of certain plants whose leaves always remain clean, because dirt simply cannot adhere to the finely structured surface, and is easily washed off when it rains.

The natural non-stick and cleaning process, also known as the self-cleaning effect, is transferred to the surface of textiles by means of nano technology. Compared to traditional textile impregnation processes, NanoSphere® achieves significantly better results with regards to:

- Water and dirt repelling properties
- Oil repelling properties
- Washing permanence

The protective function of NanoSphere® is still retained after frequent use and numerous washing cycles and has no effect on clothing comfort, look, feel, breath ability or elasticity.

Water or such substances as ketchup, honey, coffee or red wine run off. And if they don't happen to run off of their own accord, they can easily be rinsed off with a little water. Cleaning or washing the textiles is significantly easier. 

  • Textiles require less frequent washing and can be washed at lower temperatures
  • High level of abrasion resistance
  • The function is maintained even after numerous washing or cleaning cycles
  • Look, feel and breathability are not affected
  • Ecologically clean textile finish developed in accordance with the bluesign® standard


Mr. Mugatu
Mr. Mugatu


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