Fabric Features

Schoeller®-dryskin fabric combines a tough, abrasion-resistant, exterior surface with a soft, brushed interior, making these jeans extremely durable, yet comfortable enough to wear all day. 

The fabric also moves when you do, stretching in all four directions while climbing, hiking or cycling. Unlike most workout pants however, the fabric feels substantial like denim, and the pants' reinforced, no-stretch waistband keeps you covered.

Schoeller®-dryskin has outstanding wicking and breathability, keeping you cool during vigorous workouts while protecting you from wind, rain and snow. They dry quickly, and will insulate even when wet.

Schoeller fabrics are manufactured according to the Bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production.

Protected with NanoSphere®

NanoSphere® is a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment manufactured by schoeller®. We believe it is the best DWR that money can buy. NanoSphere® is inspired by the water-and-dirt-resistant properties of lotus leaves, which prevent dirt from adhering to their surface.

Fabric fibers are coated with nanoscopic particles which form a three-dimensional surface that repels water, grease, dirt and stains. Liquids roll off the surface as easily as they do off a lotus leaf.

Classic Jeans Style
There are other softshell pants, and even some Jeans. But only Thunderbolt combines Schoeller® softshell performance, classic jeans comfort, and made in the USA quality.



Hand or Machine wash
Do not use fabric softener
Hang dry or tumble dry LOW
Low iron OK
dry clean OK