In The Wild

Who wears Thunderbolt Sportswear?  Men who desire high performance high quality apparel that serve many uses and always look great.  Our customers understand sustainability can mean many things, but primarily it means extracting more from fewer resources.  One pair of pants for work and play.  A hoodie that excels across all climates.  A shirt made from natural merino wool that breathes, holds no odor and can be worn day after day on extended trips.

We strive to make great ultra versatile, high performance apparel for our customers and dedicate this space to their stories, photos and adventures big and small featuring their Thunderbolts!

"Thunderbolt in action at Nirwana Bali.  A tropical thunderstorm rolled through while we were out.  Glad I stayed dry!"  Roger L, Singapore


"Thunderbolts loving the singletrack! High 60s temps and perfect comfort for a long ride on the trail. Went straight from the bike to dinner and hanging out with friends. No change needed!"  JBiker, Portland OR USA


Thanks to Romeo R for sending in this photo of taking his Thunderbolts for a hike on Solider Pass trail in Sedona Arizona.  


Nick F. from Lawrence Kansas shows the perfect swing with Thunderbolt Mark II Originals!


Thunderbolt Sportswear Limited Edition Hoodie in the wild

I am totally in love with your hoodie. It is by far my favorite article of clothing. (People say American Giant is the greatest hoodie but no chance. Yours is 10 times better).  Venkat B at Occidental Park, Seattle WA USA


"Elk Hunting and Fishing Montana in my Thunderbolt adventure pants", Garry B., Billings Montana


"Got the pants a few hours ago, shipped to my work. Put them on immediately and loved them from the get go.  It's raining here in SF and they performed like champs on the bike ride home. Headed to the climbing gym later, and I'm sure they'll be great.  My new favorite pants, hands down."  Alex C. showing off the goods!


 "These must be the best pants ever made! I made a nine day trip to Europe and wore them on the flights over and back as well as two more full days for almost ninety hours of wear in 5 days without washing them. During the flight over and following day I wore them 32 hours straight. With their stretch material they were ultra comfortable even on the long flights--easy to wear with no binding or pinching. I believe I could have worn them to sleep in they were so comfortable. They never wrinkled and always looked fresh and clean. They never seemed to get any dirt on them but any small spot could be quickly and easily removed with a damp cloth. I was able to dress them up with a shirt for a night on the town or go casual with a T-shirt. The pants shed the light rain I had on two days and never got wet. I didn't want to take these pants off they were so comfortable. These are now my favorite pants and will be my "go to" pants for every trip. Thank you Thunderbolt Sportswear!" - Kirk D, Kansas


"I have hiked in snowshoes in Jackson Hole, WY and all over in Utah where I am from and I love your pants. They are great for hiking in cold or moderate weather and they never get your legs too hot, which is great. I wanted to thank you and send you this picture of your pants on a 14 mile hike through the snow to some hot springs in Utah." Thanks again,  Karl Thompson


"have just recently returned from a 14 day trip on the Rio Grande in Southwest, Texas. We launched our 120- mile canoe journey from Big Bend National Park and traveled through Boquillas and the Lower Canyons. I wore these pants everyday on the river.  First and foremost, they were super comfortable, dried quickly and were totally appropriate for what I was doing (i.e. paddling long hours, portaging through cane grass and over rocky, thorny terrain, lining boats in thigh to waist deep water, etc.). I was very excited about how comfortable they were. They fit well and stretched when I needed them to."  Thanks, Duck!


Thunderbolt Softshell jeans made with Schoeller Dryskin with Nanosphere"know it may seem silly but it’s the little things sometimes that can put a smile on your face and a jump in your step. Trying to keep up with an active little boy who has his Papa’s taste for adventure means you need to have the right gear to keep-up and I am so excited to find Thunderbolt Sportswear Jeans!

So great to have found a pair of jeans that works for all occasions and bonus is they are super easy to clean off due to having a DWR coating called Nanosphere which in short…is amazing! So far they have seen about 15 days of skiing here in Oregon and a couple days in France as well…which if you have ever skied in Europe you will know how important it is have something to wear for Apres’ Ski!

So all this to say that life is great being Finns Dad and I look forward to bringing you more great info about the joys of being a parent and all the adventures you can share with your kids that some people might like to say they are “too young” for…and you will find out I don’t happen to agree. The key to being good parents is knowing your child and being sensitive to their needs…working from that it’s amazing what you can do as a family!" Cheers to adventure! Finns Dad…


Thunderbolt Softshell jeans made with Schoeller Dryskin with Nanosphere

"I recently relocated to Tahoe City, CA and wear my Thunderbolt Jeans to work at Alpine Meadows every day. I could not ask for a more perfect pair of pants. Always warm on my sub-freezing walks to the car and lodge, but never uncomfortable once I'm inside. The four-way stretch allows for a range of movement unlike any pants I have owned. The black North Face soft shell jacket that I wear with them needs to be washed at least twice as often.  The pants were also outstanding on a recent trip to Switzerland."-Sam Pfeiffer Tahoe City, CA