About Us

Thunderbolt Sportswear is a Portland, Oregon based apparel company dedicated to crafting a small line of versatile apparel that transitions seamlessly from outdoor to urban landscapes. We research and source materials from around the globe and produce our clothing in small runs close to home ensuring maximum quality. Our apparel and accessories excel for almost every outing, every time you walk out the door; a spring tour through the Riviera, summer travel, a wilderness climbing trip in autumn, a winter bike commute, bouldering, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, road-trips, camping, fishing, or trekking. You get the idea.

We are a small group of industry veterans that believe there is a better way.  We want our clothes made here, not on the other side of the globe in faceless factories.  We believe there is a difference between fabric crafted in Switzerland or the USA vs mills in Asia churning millions of yards at the lowest price.  Great apparel can do more, look great, and be sustainable.
We know our customers because we are our customers.  We know how to pack one bag and walk out our front door for a month.  We know how to come home to Portland to enjoy a finely roasted coffee in the morning and a finely crafted beer in the evening.  
Climb - Hike - Bike - Ski - Fish - Travel - Explore - Live
We do not have any shareholders, outside investors or a board of directors driving our business - we simply have customers we serve and we are dedicated to exceeding their expectations with every yard of fabric we buy and stitch we make.