Great Facebook Post from a Very Satisfied Customer!

From the Thunderbolt Facebook Page:

"These must be the best pants ever made! I made a nine day trip to Europe and wore them on the flights over and back as well as two more full days for almost ninety hours of wear in 5 days without washing them. During the flight over and following day I wore them 32 hours straight. With their stretch material they were ultra comfortable even on the long flights--easy to wear with no binding or pinching. I believe I could have worn them to sleep in they were so comfortable. They never wrinkled and always looked fresh and clean. They never seemed to get any dirt on them but any small spot could be quickly and easily removed with a damp cloth. I was able to dress them up with a shirt for a night on the town or go casual with a T-shirt. The pants shed the light rain I had on two days and never got wet. I didn't want to take these pants off they were so comfortable. These are now my favorite pants and will be my "go to" pants for every trip. Thank you Thunderbolt Sportswear!" - Kirk D, Kansas

Mr. Mugatu
Mr. Mugatu


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