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The GearCaster takes a look!

November 19, 2023

Gear Caster reviews Thunderbolt

by Amy Jurries on November 19, 2023

Jeans are very popular these days for climbing, hiking and bike commuting but cotton denim doesn't exactly offer you any weather protection. Oregon company Thunderbolt has taken classic outdoor fabric and created a pair of soft shell jeans, resulting in the perfect stylish outdoor pant. 

The Thunderbolt soft shell jeans are made from Schoeller Dryskin, a breathable 4-way stretch fabric that feels like denim. Dryskin has a double weave construction with a tough nylon face, soft brushed polyester on the inside and a spandex core throughout. 

The jeans are treated with Schoeller's NanosphereDWR technology to keep the soft shell fabric dry and clean. The Nanosphere DWR treatment coats the fabric fibers with nanoscopic grains of silicone, forming a 3-D surface that repels water, dirt and stains. 

With an athletic fit, the soft shell jeans ride just below the waist and feature a straight leg opening. The pants are slightly slim through the leg to take advantage of the Dryskin 4-way stretch fabric. A hidden zipper on the right back pocket is perfect for keeping your valuables safe while you recreate. 

The Thunderbolt soft shell jeans retail for $188 and can be purchased on the company website. Sorry girls- men's only styles at this time. 


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