Why Are Asics So Expensive (Features & Specifications)

Asics shoes cost more than other brands but offer great high-end material, top-notch technology, and exquisite designs.

As such, they tend to last long and provide unparalleled comfort to sportspeople.

Since Asics have a culture of paying attention to tiny details, and that’s why their shoes help prevent and fix injuries.

However, Asics is a well-known Japanese brand that produces sports shoes—owned by Mr. Kirachiro Onitsuka, who previously started sports shoe production in the 1950s but later teamed up with some colleagues to form Asics in 1977.

Asics began operations as a sports shoe manufacturing company. Asics sports shoes are not considered cheap due to their quality, design, and production standard.

Further, Asics is known to produce male and female top-quality sports shoes that are comfortable.

With their invention of the GEL cushioning system, air ventilator, and flyte foam technology in shoes, Asics have given their users maximum comfort.

This article will walk you through the shoes Asics produce and provide a detailed answer to the question, “why are Asics so expensive?”.

I will also tell you why you need a couple of Asics shoes. Now let’s move further!

Why Are Asics Shoes So Expensive?

For decades, Asics have designed their shoes to help users maximize their potential in sports.

They have developed features that ensure comfort, productivity, and durability.

With the air ventilation system in their boots, users don’t get blisters after using it for a long race. Asics shoes are made with many features, making them come at a high cost.

Here are some reasons why Asics shoes are expensive:

01. High Production Technology

Asics came up with flyte foam technology for sports lovers and runners. The specially designed polymer foam is placed in the midsole of running shoes.

This feature gives the user a cushioning experience and recovers the shoe’s shape. After each stride, the sole comes back to its natural shape.

02. Key Attention To Detail

Asics created an institute for research and development (R&D) in Kobe, Japan. This institute is responsible for developing unique materials using the latest shoe technology.

Every detail is checked and implemented by studying actions and movements to give users the best sporting experience.

03. Exquisite Design

Asics have designed many models, including shoes with sole guide technology. This guide sole technology comes with a curved sole that reduces the weight on the ankles.

Its detailed engineering makes running more fun and efficient. They also have air ventilators in their shoes, giving the user maximum comfort.

04. Durability

Asics has been generally known for durable shoes for decades. As a brand with high standards, Asics produces shoes that last more than ten months if properly maintained.

Their research technology provides them with enough detail to make shoes for heavy-duty usages like sports and exercise.

05. Long-lasting Comfort

With several awards, Asics has provided shoes that comfort sportspeople for years. Asics have been known to model designs that provide the best running experience.

Users enjoy maximum comfort with unique features like air ventilators, guide sole technology, flyte foam technology, and many more.

Categories And Prices of Asics Shoes Wear

Asics have a vast collection of amazing sports shoes that differ in price and function.

They are categorized into five significant groups, each with different design models and each model selling at a specific price.

Below is the list of Asics shoe categories:

01. Neutral Models

Asics Shoes under the neutral shoe category have been modeled to provide all-around functions.

Neutral shoe models are Metaride, Evoride, Gluderide, Gel-nimbus, Gel-cumulus, and Gel-excite.

All these models differ in design and quality. Gel-excite is the cheapest model starting from $42, and Metaride has the highest price at $198.

02. Stability Models

Asics Shoes under the stability category have been designed to provide maximum balance.

Models under this category are Metarun, Gel-Kayano, GT-2000, GT-1000, and GT-800.

The most affordable model is the GT-800 selling at $96, with Metarun having the highest cost at $198.

03. Run Faster Models

Asics shoes designed to make faster running easier are under this category.

Asics Run faster shoe models are; Metaracer, Novablast, Dynablast, Gel-ds trainer, Gel-Noosa tri, and Road blast.

The most expensive model is the Metaracer, with a $198. The cheapest in this category is the Roadblast, costing $96.

04. Run Beyond Models

Asics shoes in this category also provide maximum speed for runners, and they come in many models.

The most expensive model in this category is Trabuco max, with a price of $141, and the cheapest model in this category is gel-venture, selling at $39.

The Run Beyond models are; Gel-Fujitrabuco, Fujitrabuco Lyte, Gel-Trabuco sky, Gel-Sonoma, Gel-venture, Gel- Trabuco, and Trabuco max.

05. Sportstyle Models

Asics shoe models in this category are specially designed for productivity in running and sports.

Asics sport style shoe models are; Gel Lyte III, Gel Quantum, Gel Kayano 14, Tarther blast, Japan S, and Japan S Pf.

The cheapest model is Japan S, selling for $39. The most expensive is Gel quantum, trading at $158.

Asics are known worldwide for the quality and comfort of their boots on sports people. They also produce unique designs with a beautiful mix of colors.

If you are contemplating the shoe brand to buy, here are some reasons to pick Asics shoes ahead of other brands in the market.

01. Provides Maximum Comfort

Asics have used their shoe-making experience to develop the needed technology to provide maximum comfort.

Their flyte foam technology causes a spring-like effect that reduces shock when you stamp the ground, giving comfort.

They also have air ventilators in their shoes, enhancing comfort.

02. It Fixes Your Legs And Reduces The Risk of Injuries

Asics shoes have been designed to reduce the workload on your ankles, thereby improving ankle strength.

Their boots have specially designed soles that are gentle on your feet. Asics shoes have been recommended by doctors and proven to fix users’ ankle, calf, and knee issues.

03. Its Unique Style/Design

Asics shoes are grouped into several categories, allowing you to select different types of shoes with different designs.

Their shoe design comes in different cross patterns and a wide range of beautiful colors. Their mix of colors on shoes also makes them attractive.

04. Long Lasting Ability

Asics shoes are produced for heavy-duty operations, which last a long time. Their shoe soles are manufactured to withstand wear and tear for long periods.

As mentioned earlier, Asics shoes can last more than ten months if used properly.

05. Cheaper Price With Better Features

Compared with other brands serving the same functions, Asics shoes are more affordable.

They have manufactured shoes with many features and still made them cheap compared to other brands. They have a wide range of shoes, selling at different prices.



These are some questions related to inquiries about Asics shoes, their general maintenance, and sports shoes.

Why are Asics shoes special?

Over time, Asics has collaborated with runners to develop the needed technology to provide all-around comfort for sports people.

Their shoe soles are precisely shaped to shift the body forward, making running easy and reducing the risk of injuries.

How sustainable are Asics products?

One of the core aims of Asics is to continuously improve their product’s quality and design and give their customers optimum satisfaction.

With their advanced production processes, Asics products have proven themselves to be sustainable and reliable over time.

How long can Asics products last?

Depending on the level of wear and tear your shoe experiences, your running shoe is supposed to last for at least 450 miles before it starts to damage.

Generally, it would be best to consider changing your running shoes regularly. But if the shoe shows no sign of damage after using it to run for 450 miles, you can continue using it.

What does Asics use in producing their shoes?

The latest shoe technology makes Asics shoes from SpEVA and Solyte materials.

These shoe-making materials are long-lasting and cause durability and cushioning, providing a complete blend for the perfect shoe.

How can I protect my Asics shoes from water?

After your shoes get wet, please remove them and stuff them with newspapers. The newspapers absorb the moisture and prevent further damage to the shoe.

Be careful not to use your clothes dryer instead of a newspaper.

How tight should my Asics shoes be?

You should generally be able to wear your shoes without feeling any form of discomfort on the top of your foot or toe.

When wearing your shoes, leave a finger space between the front part of your shoe and your longest toe.


Considering the years of shoe-making experience, Asics has developed several technologies needed for producing the best shoes.

Asics flyte spring-like foam technology and other features give you maximum comfort. Their shoes are durable and help reduce the risk of injuries.

They also have great striped designs with mixed colors, making them look beautiful.

Asics also created air ventilators in their running shoes to reduce running blisters.

This production standard has made their boots costly, but each shoe is worth the price with its features.

We can conclude by saying that Asics have constantly improved their sports shoes.

They have also maintained a high standard of shoe production over the years, gaining several awards, which is why their expensive shoes look beautiful and are full of unique features.

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