Are ASICS Good Shoes : Everything That Makes Asics Good!

When looking for shoes for working out or running, you will ask yourself: Are ASICS good shoes?

For one thing, Asics shoes feature curved soles precision-shaped to shift your weight forward, thus improving your balance and promoting effortless motion.

That means Asics are ideal shoes for everyday running, and even marathon runners can benefit immensely from these shoes as Asics can handle marathon distances.

Check out Asics’ top-tier shoes, the MetaSpeed Sky, if you’re a marathon runner.

Asics have also built a reputation for comfort, making them ideal for everyday wear.

If you’re looking for more information on whether Asics shoes are good, continue reading as we delve into this topic.

Why Are Asics Shoes Good?

Asics is a Japanese shoe brand that has gained popularity for its high-quality shoe construction.

So, your Asics shoes will stand the test of time and high-impact training.

Here are 7 indicators that Asics are good shoes:

01. Gel Cushioning Technology

Asics has a range of GEL-QUANTUM INFINITY shoes using its celebrated GEL technology-inspired midsoles.

This cushioning technology runs the entire length of the midsoles for uncompromised cushioning.

02. FLYTEFOAM Cushioning Technology

Asics running shoes feature midsoles made with the FLYTEFOAM Cushioning Technology for a lightweight and bouncy feel.

The midsoles of the Asics running shoes are lightweight and stable due to this cushioning technology.

As a result of this design, Asics running shoes offer adaptive cushioning. Also, these shoes are resilient and durable.

Even more, this cushioning lasts the entire stay of Asics running shoes!

03. FLYTEFOAM Propel and GEL Cushioning technologies

Launched in 2018, the legendary Asics GEL NIMBUS model combines the highly successful FLYTEFOAM with the GEL cushioning technology.

And this combo results in lighter running shoes with a more spring-like feel.

Additionally, these cushioning technologies offer superior comfort. If you’re looking for unmatched running shoe comfort, you may look for Asics GEL NIMBUS shoes.

04. Asics Shoes Have the METARIDE Design

Asics METARIDE models feature a Guidesole technology for efficient long-distance running.

These Asics shoes minimize ankle movements, thus conserving energy for running.

Also, these Asics shoes have curved soles precision-shaped to shift your weight where you need it most.

The sole design shits your weight forward to guarantee effortless motion. And this gives you an edge in marathons.

05. SpEVA Midsole Design

Asics shoes also use spEVA midsoles for an increased bounce-back. This technology uses EVA foam and rubber balls to increase the bouncy feel by 20%.

What’s also impressive, Asics don’t compromise the shock-absorbing capability of their running shoes.

If you’re looking for increased energy return with every step, you want to look for Asics shoes with this midsole design.

06. Asics SOLYTE Design

Asics shoes also use proprietary Solyte cushioning material. While this material cushions 20% better than EVA foam, it also remains lighter.

As a result, it reduces your Asics shoes’ weight significantly, making your shoe ideal for sprinting.

Asics has developed this cushioning material by leveraging materials usually used to make vehicle bumpers to create a custom resin blend.

07. High-Quality Asics shoe Construction

Asics shoes boast high-quality construction since they use durable materials such as rubber, cotton, and polyester.

Consequently, Asics last for at least a year. The shoes’ reputable construction heightens their performance, making them shoes to consider for your daily training.

What Features Does Asics Shoe Company Offer?

Asics shoes offer features to give you an edge while training.

These features include the following:

1. FF Blast Foam Technology

Asics NOVA BLAST shoes have a feature called the FF BLAST foam technology to make them lighter.

But more importantly, this feature makes Asics shoes bouncier. Also, the technology makes Asics shoes soft and agile to improve your training performance.

2. FF BLAST Plus Technology

Asics GEL-NIMBUS shoes have a feature exclusive to them called FF BLAST Plus™ that gives them a bouncy feel.

Also, this feature makes these Asics shoes lighter for efficient running. More precisely, these running shoes by Asics are 19% lighter than NOVABLAST™ shoes.


Asics METASPEED models such as the METASPEED Sky and EDGE+ have this feature.

While this foam material provides the same cushioning as FF Blast Foam, it increases the bouncy feel by 33%. And this adds a turbo boost to your running experience.


Asics running shoes feature innovative rocker outsoles, propelling you forward while running.

Also, these outsoles absorb shocks excellently in the landing phase. With their forward propulsion, Asics running shoes guarantee more efficient strides.

Asics developed this outsole design after a series of tests in their lab.

And they found that the newly developed soles improved the overall ride experience of the wearer.

Since its development, this outsole design has been a major feature in all Asics shoes.


Asics shoes have midsoles that they’ve dabbed DUOMAX to smooth your ride.

Asics have shaped the midsoles precisely, making them dual-density for dynamic motion adjustment. As a result, Asics shoes offer adaptive stability.


This feature provides adaptive support and smoothens foot transitioning. You will benefit from this feature, especially when running over a long distance.

Due to this feature, Asics shoes provide support and stability, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Benefits of Asics shoes

Since Asics shoes have plenty of features, they benefit wearers in various ways, as discussed below:

01. Asics shoes provide comfort

Asics have retooled and calibrated their GEL technology to increase shock absorption, thus reducing impacts.

Also, this technology is strategic to maximize shock absorption. Therefore, Asics provide long-haul comfort.

02. Asics shoes also provide intelligent stability

Asics shoes feature two layers reinforced with carbon to provide Trusstic arch support.

Even more impressive, these layers have a space between them to respond intuitively under increased load.

While the in-between space provides intelligent arch support, it promotes smoother transitions and comfort.

03. Asics make your strides smooth

Asics shoes use their DUOMAX technology to reduce overpronation. And reduced overpronation eases stress off your foot, promoting smooth rides in the end.

04. Asics promote an efficient running experience

Asics running shoes use their GUIDESOLE technology in the landing zone to absorb as much impact as possible.

And this results in less fatigue. Therefore, you will have more energy to spend on running. And this is how Asics shoes promote efficient running performance.

05. Asics shoes boast high-energy return performance

Asics shoes using the brand’s FLYTEFOAM Propel technology deliver additional spring every time you step on the ground.

This technology comprises nanofibers for a highly springy effect. Therefore, Asics deliver high-energy performance.

06. You will have a blast of energy in your Asics shoes

Asics shoes use the FF BLAST technology to provide a bouncier run.

While the bouncy effect provides a blast of energy, you can’t help but notice how this technology sheds a few pounds off your running shoes.

Even more impressive, some Asics shoes use the advanced FF BLAST Plus technology to increase the bouncy feel by 19%.

Additionally, you can find Asics shoes such as the METASPEED models using FF BLAST TURBO to increase the bouncy ride by a neck-breaking 33%.

Crucial FAQs

Why are Asics shoes very comfortable?

Asics shoes have Gel cushioning to absorb shocks in the heel. Also, this cushioning material cushions the forefoot section during landing.

Due to this impressive cushioning effect, Asics reduce the impact on your joints, making them ideal running shoes.

The cushioning makes Asics very comfortable for longer running experiences.

Are Asics breathable shoes?

Asics shoes usually feature engineered upper mesh that allows plenty of in-shoe air circulation. The upper mesh has large vents to increase air circulation.

Therefore, your feet will cool in summer since Asics are highly breathable shoes.

Aside from breathability, Asics accommodate your foot’s shape as the upper mesh is stretchable.

As a result, you can flex your foot muscles with nothing restricting your flexion. And this makes Asics even more comfortable to wear.

How durable are Asics shoes?

Asics running shoes can handle training exceptionally well for distances reaching 500 miles.

After covering this distance while running, you want to replace your worn-out running shoes with a new pair.

But covering 500 miles might take you a year if you’re an average runner.

Of course, you could shorten the period required to cover the same mileage if you cover longer distances on morning runs.

Your Asics shoes will last 10 months to a year before needing replacement.

Do Asics shoes provide ankle support?

Asics GEL-Venture 8 provides sufficient ankle support for people with weak ankles. Aside from ankle support, they provide arch support.

But some wearers have complained they don’t offer sufficient ankle support.

Are Asics shoe slip-resistant?

Asics shoes offer excellent grip on various surfaces. And that’s because the outsoles are burly and have treads to grip on surfaces like pea gravel trails and muddy terrains.

Therefore, Asics shoes are anti-slip.

Final Verdict

Asics shoes have built a credible reputation among daily trainers due to their excellent cushioning material.

Besides cushioning your feet against high-impact force, Asics remain lightweight, making them even greater running shoes.

Breathability is yet another benefit of Asics; they feature an engineered mesh upper that allows air circulation.

As a result, these shoes keep your feet fresh and well-aerated. As if that’s not enough, Asics have made their shoes to provide smoother rides.

The bouncy feel also increases running efficiency. These shoes return energy to your heel after each step.

And their fatigue reduction allows you to spend the energy on running. Therefore, these shoes are worth the investment.

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