That's how far it is from the Schoeller textile factory in Switzerland to Portland Oregon USA where our Thunderbolt softshell jeans are made.
Why do we ship this fabric all the way from Switzerland? Because of the stellar reputation of Schoeller Textiles, a long-established market leader in softshell fabric for outdoor clothing.

We designed our innovative softshell jeans to have all the features and styling of authentic American jeans, but to be great outdoor pants, it was critical to use the highest quality softshell fabric we could find in the entire world. That's why we partnered with Schoeller Textiles to use their Dryskin softshell fabric treated with NanosphereTM, which is Schoeller's industry leading durable water repellent (DWR).


Many of our competitors use "no name" softshell fabric in their clothing. You can be sure they will tell you when they are using Schoeller Dryskin because you don't keep it a secret when your product is made from this premium fabric. Schoeller also has less expensive DWR treatments, but when we learned about their exciting Nanosphere™ technology, we had to have it for our softshell jeans.

To learn more about our softshell jeans and Schoeller Dryskin fabric with NanoSphere® DWR, go to the "Buy Pants" page and select "The Fabric". We hope you will be as excited as we are about our new softshell jeans made with comfortable and functional Schoeller Dryskin, and available in a full range of men's sizes.

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