By Chris Payne
General Manager, Thunderbolt Sportswear LLC

Thunderbolt Sportswear is an independent, family-owned company based in Portland, Oregon. This is our story.

Softshell jeans were born from our quest to possess the best all-around pair of outdoor pants and to buy them in the correct fit. Since we could not find anything on the market that we liked, we decided to create this elusive pair of pants for ourselves. From this spark of inspiration we developed softshell jeans, the ideal meeting of form (jeans) and function (softshell fabric).

We are very excited to bring you our carefully crafted Thunderbolt Softshell Jeans, which are a totally new concept in outdoor pants. Thunderbolt Sportswear is the proud owner of the “” domain name, which we originally registered in 2008. For over two years we diligently worked to create the finest pair of softshell jeans humanly possible, and now they are available for sale exclusively on this website for you to purchase today.

We have sought the perfect pair of outdoor pants for more than 20 years. Our vintage outdoor pants collection includes several interesting examples, but we were always frustrated by something. Of course older materials can’t match the performance of the latest fabrics, but even worse were the fit problems when the only sizing was S-M-L-XL. It would have been *much* easier to make our softshell jeans in fewer sizes, but we know our customers want to buy outdoor pants that fit their specific size.

Our commitment shows in our production of a full range of men’s pants sizes, our use of premium Schoeller Dryskin softshell fabric, and our authentic American jeans style which is designed and sewn in Portland Oregon USA. We currently offer only one product – men’s softshell jeans, color black. Even as we grow our product line, we will never compromise on the quality and value that you can find right now in our original softshell jeans.

Let us impress you – order a pair today.