When we had the idea for softshell jeans, we knew that using the right softshell fabric would be critical. It is not enough to design them as a great looking pair of jeans and offer a full size range. Our softshell fabric needed the correct feel and performance. We chose Schoeller Dryskin with NanoSphere®.

Double tough comfort
Schoeller Dryskin has a double weave construction. There is a tough nylon face on the outside surface and a soft brushed loop polyester on the inside, with spandex elastic core throughout. This fabric structure is key to the comfort and performance of our pants. They are very durable yet they feel like pants you can wear everyday.

Fabric moves in 3-D
Our Dryskin pants have significant four-way stretch, meaning that they move with you in 3-D. While many weatherproof pants are stiff and crinkly, you won?t believe the suppleness of this softshell fabric. They fit your full range of motion without constricting and they stretch fluidly for climbing, hiking or just lounging around.

Acts like a built-in thermostat
Our softshell fabric has outstanding breathability and moisture transport, keeping you cool when it counts during vigorous workouts while still protecting you from wind, rain and snow. If you do manage to get your pants wet, they are very quick drying and retain body warmth.

The best ideas come from nature. Prickly burrs taught science how to make things stick ? that?s where we got Velcro. Lotus leaves taught science how to make things shed water and dirt. Enter NanoSphere®

NanoSphere® is Schoeller?s exclusive state-of-the-art durable water repellent (DWR) treatment. Using a principle called bio-mimicry, Nanosphere® is inspired by the water- and dirt-resistant properties of lotus leaves. Fabric fibers are coated with nanoscopic particles which form a three-dimensional surface that repels water, liquids, dirt and stains. Water drops roll off the surface as easily as they do off a lotus leaf.

Performance Chart
As you can see in the performance chart, our Thunderbolt Softshell Jeans offer great all-around performance. The Dryskin fabric is highly breathable and has superior abrasion-resistance for long-lasting durability. The tight weave structure offers good wind and weather resistance, with just enough warmth to wear nearly all year round.

Upgrade your jeans.
Jeans 2.0 means new levels of value. Made with durable & versatile Schoeller Dryskin fabric, you can wear them in more situations with good looks and high performance. Sold exclusively on this website ? Thunderbolt Softshell Jeans ? order yours today.