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Chicago Athlete Magazine Tuesday Review - Baseline Marly Tee

November 22, 2016

Chicago Athlete Magazine Tuesday Review - Baseline Marly Tee

Tuesday Reviews-Day: Thunderbolt Sportswear Shirt


When I got an email to review an $85 moisture wicking long sleeve shirt, I thought it was going to be another standard tech shirt, that’s maybe a little softer. I clicked the link for the Thunderbolt Sportswear Baseline Marly Tee, said “huh?” to a bunch of the description words, but agreed to review it anyways.

It came in the mail a few days later, and the first thing I noticed is that it was grey – now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who completely avoids wearing the color grey at all costs during exercise because it makes it impossible to hide sweat in places you don’t want it to be seen. But, I kept a positive attitude and decided to try it out for my sprint workout.

I put it on and immediately noticed the comfort; the 100 percent Merino Wool is lightweight and silky, and felt more like pajamas than anything else. I also liked the sleeve length, because I have longer arms and usually have to deal with sleeves being just too short, but the Thunderbolt shirt sleeves were long enough for me to tuck my hands into (which I often do rather than wearing gloves like a normal person).

The weather that day was a little chillier, in the lower-50s, but there was still a trace of humidity in the air – perfect running weather, and perfect long sleeve weather too. By the end of my little warm up, I was neither hot nor cold and felt totally comfortable. I definitely attribute that to the shirt, because I usually struggle to find a balance between weather and clothing.

My body temperature remained consistently comfortable throughout the remainder of the run, too! I did get a little hot towards the end when the wind died down a bit, but after slightly rolling up the sleeves, I cooled down a lot.
Chicago Athlete Magazine Review Photo
Me showing off my post-run sweat-free pits!

My favorite part of the shirt is what the website claims it to be stain-resistant – I’m a dripper, and more often than not, I rely on my shirt to be a sweat-stopper for my face. When I wiped my face using the Thunderbolt Sportswear shirt, the sweat residue was gone nearly five minutes later, even the grey couldn’t stop it from vanishing. Most of my tech shirts absorb sweat, ultimately making my shirt heavier and gross. Never did I feel a part of the shirt get heavier or soaked, and I felt like I just started my run when I finished.

The website also claims the shirt is odor resistant, so obviously I had to test that out. When I got home, I took the shirt off and smelled the armpits, and nada! Again, it smelled like I did not just sweat like a pig for 30 minutes, and I was able to put it back on while I stretched. (Don’t worry, I did wash it after that)

In addition to being a runner’s ideal lightweight tech shirt, Thunderbolt Sportswear uses 100 percent natural, biodegradable and renewable fabrics, so the shirt is good for both you and the environment! It also has “Flatlock stitched seams to reduce chafing” and is UV resistant. So while the $85 price tag may seem a little steep, this shirt is every sweaty athlete’s dream.

The shirt is unisex, and runs true to size in my opinion. It can be found on the Thunderbolt Sportswear website.

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