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Finn's Dad Loves Thunderbolts!

August 01, 2023

Finn's Dad skis in his Thunderbolts

know it may seem silly but it’s the little things sometimes that can put a smile on your face and a jump in your step. Trying to keep up with an active little boy who has his Papa’s taste for adventure means you need to have the right gear to keep-up and I am so excited to find Thunderbolt Sportswear Jeans!

From Skiing:

To days at the park:

So great to have found a pair of jeans that works for all occasions and bonus is they are super easy to clean off due to having a DWR coating called Nanosphere which in short…is amazing! So far they have seen about 15 days of skiing her in Oregon and a couple days in France as well…which if you have ever skied in Europe you will know how important it is have something to wear for Apres’ Ski!

So all this to say that life is great being Finns Dad and I look forward to bringing you more great info about the joys of being a parent and all the adventures you can share with your kids that some people might like to say they are “too young” for…and you will find out I don’t happen to agree. The key to being good parents is knowing your child and being sensitive to their needs…working from that it’s amazing what you can do as a family!

Cheers to adventure! Finns Dad…

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