Are Converse Good For Lifting (The Truth Behind)

There is little doubt that Converse is the preferred sneaker among ardent gym-goers. But so many people wonder whether it is suitable for all gym activities.

So to answer the question, ‘are converse good for lifting?’ I have noted down some points we can ponder on to conclude together.

It is not uncommon to see people lifting in converse in various gyms across the country, perhaps you even know someone that does.

Some believe it is a good option for bodybuilders and powerlifters, however, that does not necessarily make it the right shoe for you.

There are so many shoes that can be used for deadlifting, squatting, and cross-training.

You can make your choice based on your needs, however, I will be looking into converses and what it can offer powerlifters and whether or not it is the ideal shoe for lifting.

Are Converse Good For Lifting [6-Benefits]

Are Converse Good For Lifting

There are so many speculations about this subject, and the truth is either side of the argument is right.

Converse shoes are good for several reasons; however, they have some flaws that might not make them the favorite for lifting.

It might not be the best shoe for lifting weights, but it definitely has some advantages.

Here are a few of those benefits:

1. Increased stability and awareness of foot position

Converses are known to provide good stability and help with foot position. It greatly benefits those who squat, lift weights, and do similar workouts.

The sole material used helps the athlete to maintain balance and prevent falling.

Preventing injuries like falls and ankle injuries is one of the things weight lifters should take seriously, and converse shoes can help prevent such injuries.

2. Improvements to Ground Reaction Force

Due to the sole of converse, when you squat, the sole will provide comfort, and you won’t feel as though you are exerting too much force on the ground.

Shoes that don’t offer such comfort can ankle injuries, blisters, and many other discomforts. However, you can add extra shoe pads to give more comfort.

3. Improved Toe and Foot Grip

Due to the lesser cushion provided in converse shoes, allows for better toe and foot grip, which contributes to a more grounded lift.

Due to the flat sole of the converse, you will feel more in touch with the ground and thereby enjoy more stability and have a more grounded sense.

This will help you stay put while trying to lift those weights.

4. A Difficulty-Increasing Workout

The more effort your body must exert on its own, the less support the shoe provides overall.

Wearing flat shoes such as converse will consequently activate your proprioceptors and stabilizing muscles, which may result in a more powerful and defined body.

This will help give you the best result from your workout efforts.

5. More Effective Back Support

When lifting weights, flat shoes like converse are also beneficial for your back.

If your feet or shoes are flat, you won’t have a pelvic tilt, and the shearing forces will be more evenly distributed throughout the rest of your body, including your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Converse shoes are one of the kinds that can give you this benefit.

6. It helps exercise your feet

There are so many muscles in the foot, and they all need to be exercised like other parts of the body.

Converse engages the foot when lifting, strengthening all those muscles as well.

How to Choose Good Converse for Lifting: 4-Factors

Are Converse Good For Lifting

Purchasing the ideal shoe for your workout is as important as the workout itself. No one wishes to work out in order to improve their body, only to end up causing more harm.

Choosing a good show will save you from unnecessary stress and injuries.

Here are factors you should consider when you purchase a new pair of converses:

The sole

The sole of the shoe matters a lot when purchasing a pair of shoes for lifting. Luckily, converse generally has low soles with little or extra pads.

This will help increase stability and balance. It will also help you with foot positioning and thereby make your workout less stressful.

High-top or low top

There are many debates about which type of converse is better for weight lifting, whether it is the low top or the high top.

However, I prefer working out on my high top as it gives me a more grounded sense.

The floor

The flour of the gym or your workout surface is vital when considering the shoe to buy.

Most gym floors can get slippery quickly, especially when sweat or water pours on the surface.

In this instance, purchasing a pair of converse shoes would be the best choice because converses are generally non-slip.


Low top converses used for lifting are known to wear out quicker, and many would prefer a high top for this reason.

Depending on how long your workout last, getting a high-top converse will be best if you lift weights daily.

How Converse Can Impact on Lifting (5-Advantages)

As I mentioned earlier, your shoe is as important as the workout itself.

Therefore, before choosing converse as part of your gym wear, you should know if it impacts your workout positively or negatively:

1. An outsole that is Flat, and Thin

It’s crucial to pay attention to the foot’s posture and maintain a firm footing when performing deadlifts and squats.

For this reason, the majority of weightlifting shoes have stiff outsoles.

Converse sneakers have sturdy, flat, and thin outsoles that simulate the sensation of lifting weights while being completely planted.

2. They offer ankle assistance

Is ankle support necessary when lifting weights? YES, you must push off the ground from a position of control.

Converse shoes offer a comfortable and robust outside wall, providing enough support to maintain the ankle as vertical as possible while allowing you to perform a squat or lift with the least amount of movement.

3. Comfort

It can be a nightmare to lift weights in most CrossFit or running shoes, primarily because they weren’t intended to do that.

Despite not being designed with weightlifting in mind, Converse sneakers have been able to deliver the comfort gym shoes have always required.

4. Affordability

Converse sneakers cost about half as much as weightlifting shoes and are readily available.

Converse sneakers are unquestionably and closely the greatest alternative if weightlifting shoes are not necessary for you.

5. They Are Durable

Converse sneakers are comprised of materials that are quite sturdy. In my opinion, the fact that they can be used for weightlifting proves that.

This will help you save money and still give you all you need for a good workout.

Are Converse Actually Suitable for Lifting & Workout (6-Reasons)

Are Converse Good For Lifting

YES. Converses are one of the best shoes you can find that will offer you the comfort you need while working out.

However, it is not a favorite of many people as there are alternatives available for lifting.

Here is a list of some shoes that are also good for lifting:

1. Reebok Nano X1 Cross Trainer by

These shoes are excellent lightweight material shoes with a softer cushion.

2. Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes

These are also one of the best weightlifting shoes available. Additionally, it is quite athletic.

3. Nike Metcon 6 Training Shoes

The best all-purpose CrossFit shoes should be extremely dynamic for lifting, running, box jumps, and any other exercises.

It is great because it is flat and has a highly sticky bottom.

4. Reebok Legacy Lifter II

Because they are a little more flexible, the Reebok Legacy Lifter II is more adaptable if you aren’t only lifting weights in them. They are beneficial for wider feet as well.

5. APL Techloom Tracer

This shoe offers the best ankle stability and foot support. Anti-stretch materials are used in the shoe’s technology to maintain your foot’s center of gravity and provide maximum stability.

6. PUMA Athletic cross-training shoes by

The robust, secure basis of these shoes makes them ideal for heavier movements like squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

Most Essential FAQs

Is it better to lift in Converse or Vans?

Personally, I believe the insole construction of the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers is a little firmer than that of the majority of Vans models.

They may be a slightly better option for those training with maximum loads as a result.

What Converse are good for lifting?

The timeless Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are a good option if you’re looking for a reliable weightlifting shoe that won’t break the budget.

Why do so many people lift in Converse?

Converses often don’t have the padding that conventional shoes do.

And that’s a huge advantage for those looking to start lifting because less padding gives you a greater sense of the ground and more stability, allowing you to stay firmly planted even when lifting heavy weights.

Why does everyone wear Converse to the gym?

It’s mostly because this sneaker is incredibly cozy and simple to wear. You can begin exercising and walking with them as soon as you get them.

What are good shoes for lifting?

  • Nike Romaleos 4.
  • Reebok Nano X2.
  • ASICS Matcontrol 2.
  • Adidas Powerlift 5.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops.

Are converse high tops good for lifting?

It is clear that Converse sneakers make a good choice for lifting.

Despite not being the best available, they are nevertheless a respectable option for a budget-conscious beginner or intermediate lifters who are unsure whether investing in a set of specialized lifting shoes is worthwhile.

Final Verdict

Chuck Taylors have their place in the gym, but they’re best suited for more experienced lifters or those with a complete range of motion because they don’t support the knees in the same way that slightly-cushioned weightlifting shoes do.

Converse shoes are not the best for lifting, but they can be a good alternative as a first pair of lifting shoes.

They are a wonderful alternative for many novice and intermediate lifters because they are reliable and reasonably priced.

It is clear that Converse sneakers make a good choice for lifting.

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