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Thunderbolt Ambassadors

Who is a Thunderbolt Brand Ambassador? In one word? ACTIVE. Our team is a group of men that lead rich active lives taking them on adventures around the globe but also lead full lives working, traveling and being all around great guys who plain get after it. We rely on this team to test and abuse our product at the highest level. Their feedback is essential to creating the best product you can get your hands on.

Dylan VanWeelden Thunderbolt Ambassador Closeup

Dylan VanWeelden

Portland, Oregon

Bike | Bike Commute | Outdoor | Travel | Photography

The seeds for Dylan’s life-long passion for bikes and cycling were planted growing up in Michigan. His continuing quest to live the cycling life brought him to Portland, Oregon about ten years ago to fulfill the dream of finding work within the bicycle industry, and to be part of a larger cycling community. Going to school for design, with a minor in photography, it didn’t take long for VanWeelden to combine his passion of always looking to combine the beauty of art with cycling. These days Dylan can be found talking trash and laughing hard at the trailhead or romping around with his camera and dog in tow.

Ben Mckinley Thunderbolt Ambassador Closeup

Ben McKinley

Portland, Oregon

Outdoor | Ski | Bike Commute

Ben’s obsessed with many outdoor pursuits (backcountry skiing, mountain biking, trail running, road cycling, mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, SUP, surfski, etc) but nothing consumes him more than skiing. Through ski racing, he became part of an incredible community that shared this love of sliding on snow. From elementary school through high school, Ben spent every weekend ripping around the Northwest. He coached high school ski racing for 11 years and now coaches a free ride team of kids making sure they can ski the big mountains and ski them safely. He is happily married and father of two little girls that mostly share his love of all things outdoors. Ben operates a web strategy and development company and also serves on the board of the Street Trust.

Tyler Maddox Thunderbolt Ambassador Closeup

Tyler Maddox

Jacksonville, Oregon

Travel | Ski | Outdoor | Photography


Tyler’s passion for creating images started on a trip to Alaska at 20 years old. “I wanted to do something I loved that allowed me to be in amazing locations around the world”. A few months later he started a business and has been doing Commercial Photography and Cinematography ever since. Tyler shoots Commercials, TV shows, and Movies, and his jobs have taken him around the world with top clients and allowed an adventurous lifestyle. “I shoot lots of different things, but my absolute passion is when my love for outdoor adventure and my love for creating images coincide.” Tyler chooses to live a casual lifestyle on 50 acres in the woods of Oregon, but can be found all over the world, and always with a camera in his hand. 

Gerald Zhang Thunderbolt Ambassador Closeup

Gerald Zhang-Schmidt

Vienna, Austria

Outdoor | Travel | Blogger

Gerald is a blogger/outdoor athlete based in Austria who is dedicated to walking different paths, exploring the world and opening a view for the rest of us. His blog is dedicated to travel and culture, training, gear, and other lessons in pursuit of ways to really #GetAtHome in this world. His honest and complete gear reviews led us to him, as his four-year look-back on our original jeans is one of our all-time favorites. We love to follow Gerald on his travels around the world (and adventures when and where he stays), listen to his insight, and rely on his brutal testing of our clothes to make them better. Renaissance Man? Follow Gerald and you can be the judge

Joe Metzler Thunderbolt Ambassador Closeup

Joe Metzler

Coos Bay, Oregon

Outdoor | Woodsman | Conservation

Joe grew up in Southern Oregon hunting, fishing and generally raising hell. He dedicated a career to service in the US Coast Guard saving lives as an elite rescue swimmer while stationed in Alaska and Oregon. After the USCG Joe became active in volunteering and conservation becoming a key voice in the fight to save the Elliot Forest in Oregon. Joe doesn't do idle and Joe doesn't do one thing. Time in the field is what counts and when we want someone to use and abuse our apparel before it hits the market Joe's address is the first on our list.

Andrew Sherry Thunderbolt Ambassador Closeup

Andrew Sherry

United Kingdom and Hiking Trails World Wide

Thru-Hiking | Travel

Andrew’s preferred mode of transport is by foot. We are not talking about cute day hikes or even long back packing trips – Over the last three years he has hiked 5,000 miles in America and Europe. In 2017, Andrew decided to quit his engineering job in London to embark on an ambitious 18 month hiking adventure. This will see him walk more than 10,000 miles on some of America’s toughest trails. He is currently hiking on the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican Border to Canada. This year’s phenomenal snowfall only adds to the challenges faced by Thru Hikers of walking a marathon each day through the mountains.


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